Policies and guidelines

Deposits are only refunded in the event of bad weather.  All day rain, high winds or when the coast guard has issued a small craft advisory. You have the option of receiving a full refund or rescheduling your day. After all, it’s not your fault if mother nature has a hissy fit!

If you CANCEL FOR ANY OTHER REASON, your deposit will not be refunded. However, if your plans change, you can reschedule (with 48 hours notice – except holiday weekends), and you can use your deposit towards anything else we do. We will hold your deposit for 6 months before you totally lose it. Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day weekends the 48 hour grace period does not apply. All holiday cancellations you lose your deposit.

If you reschedule or postpone your rental less than 48 hours before the booking, YOU LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT, and you will be required to pay another deposit for the new date.

NO Boater Safety Card discount, repeat customer discount or any other discounts on holiday weekends including Easter, Mother and Father’s day, Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You are a NO SHOW after 30 minutes. CALL IMMEDIATELY if you are running late  (929)575-9862 or you lose your deposit.

If you book multiple time slots and then cancel one or more of them THE SAME POLICY APPLIES. We will not offset the deposit against the time slots you are still taking.

Boats are confirmed by size within the same category and not by specific boat. We reserve the right to switch boats on you due to scheduling or maintenance issues. If a boat in the same category is not available we will upgrade you to the next category at no additional charge.

No drinking and driving. It’s the LAW! If you get a BUI (Boating Under the Influence) it goes on your permanent driving record. No kidding! NY State is 0.08 when driving a boat or watercraft, just like a car.

We highly encourage you to also take the online Boater’s Safety Course before you arrive. 

You must be 21 to rent an engine powered vessel

BALANCE the passengers on the boat so it does not list to one side or ride bow down in the water. To many people in the bow converts the vessel into a submarine, and that is never good!

You MUST have a fully charged cell phone on board and keep it turned on. We recommend you bring a zip lock bag as cell phones and salt water are not friends.

No towing of any boat for any reason.

No diving or jumping off boats while in motion, as tempting as it may seem at the time.

No bow riding – all passengers MUST remain inside the railings while the boat is in motion, it’s the law.

No fires or grilling on boats – you may bring a grill to cook out on the island.

No mooring at other docks, unless prior permission is obtained and noted on your contract.

Children 6 and under must wear a life jacket at all times while on the boat – it’s the LAW! We provide USCG approved lifejackets for children and infants of all sizes.

Stay between channel markers at all times while in a marked channel. Remember: RED, RIGHT, RETURN.

Obey No Wake Zones at all times. 

You are responsible for your boat, motor, equipment and passengers. You break it, you bought it! See our list of charges for any items lost or broken. 

When trimming up the engine, do NOT allow the propeller to come out of the water when the engine is on. You loose steering and damage the engine. 

Stay at least one mile from the mainland shoreline except when inside a marked channel.

When a larger boat approaches you in the channel be aware that their wake could flood your boat, SLOW DOWN.

Stay away from Styrofoam balls and other buoys – these are crab traps that can rip up your propeller. And don’t even THINK about retrieving those crabs – that carries a fine in the State of New York!

If a storm comes in, call for instructions. Then make sure the boat is anchored solidly at the island and take shelter under the bimini. DO NOT attempt to return to dock during a storm.

DO NOT beach the boat. Drop a stern (back) anchor first, then set a front anchor ensuring that the boat is floating at all times. As the tide drops, move the boat out. If the boat is beached on an outgoing tide you will be charged $250 as we have to pick you up and leave a staff member to guard the boat for 10 hours until the tide comes in.

When dropping an anchor, yank on it first to make sure it is set – the grass flats in our area can sometimes jam up an anchor so it just skids and does not set properly the first time.
Rinse the mud off anchors before stowing them on board.

If you get lost, call for instructions. We will talk you through using the GPS to find your way home.

DO NOT call the Coast Guard unless you are unable to contact us by cell phone and it is a life threatening emergency. We will get to you a lot faster than they can.

If your boat does not start, call us. We can probably figure it out on the phone. If not, we’ll come and get you. If we find it was “operator error” due to you not following the instructions, you will be charged $50 per hour for our time and gas.

If you add a captain to your rental your are STILL responsible for any damages caused to the boat by your party. You are only absolved from any damages caused in the operation of the boat (such as damaged propeller, etc.) If you tear the upholstery or loose the ladder, expect a bill from us!

Now go ahead and read our FAQ!

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